Bible Reading and Breakfast!


Today, there is work, the kids school, and the regular to-do list around the house.  This week, the kids have Homecoming Week at school (and today is Character Day).  The kids also have a Cross Country Meet, and then once they get home it will be time to make sure that homework is done and that mouths have been fed.  This morning though, I go into work late.  This morning I am taking some quiet time with the Lord.

In my Bible reading today, I am reading how the Lord knows better than we do with everything.  It's easy for us to think, yes, the Lord knows better than we do when things are going easy in our lives, but when things get hard, we sometimes don't understand the Lord's plan, but we still need to trust that He knows far better than we do what needs to happen with each and every situation in our lives.

Today's Bible Verse...

Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord,
Or as His counselor has taught Him? -Isaiah 40:13

Whether life is going great, or whether there is trouble in your day...the Lord knows about it, and He knows what to do, trust Him!

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