The Sabbath

Love this! This was a part of my Bible Reading this morning. How fitting is it that tomorrow is when we have our day to rest and Worship the Lord! The Lord even rested on the 7th day. In such a busy and fast paced world, it's hard to find time to rest, but the Lord tells us to do so. If the Lord took a day to rest, I assure you we need the same. 

In fact, I remember a time when a lot of businesses were closed on Sunday. Now, it seems there are more businesses open than closed. Then some wonder why the world is falling apart, why homes are breaking up, why there is so much chaos. One day out of 7 is supposed to be taken for rest, it's supposed to be used to reflect on what the Lord has did for us and give Him praise for it (which we should also do daily), and the 7th day isn't supposed to be used to try to get more done!

Honestly, if we do as the Lord says and take that day of rest, we are more productive throughout the week than if we work all 7 days. It's so very important to have that day of rest and worship the Lord all week long, but also find that we fill our seat on Sunday in Church. God's always, always, always there for us. It's way beyond time that His people start showing up for Him! The Lord tells us to assemble ourselves in His house. I feel our week goes so much better when we take our day of rest, and find that we fill our seats in our Lord's house. 

This is such a great verse! 

Happy Saturday!

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