A Lesson on Anxiousness

Love this verse!  My Dad always told us it never did good to worry about anything. He taught us to trust the Lord. I'm reminded of him everytime I read this verse. He was such a wise man!

This verse was in my Bible reading today. I must admit, sometimes I don't do so well at not being anxious, and I used to be one to worry a lot...even over the smallest of things. My Dad and this verse always has told me I'm not supposed to worry though. I'm doing better at not being so anxious, and I don't worry over the smallest things like I used to. Instead, I have learned to put my trust in the One who controls it all.  Admittedly, some days it seems easier said than done, but that's my own foolishness. God controls all things, and He does a far better job than I ever could. 

Love this verse, and what it teaches me!

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