Back to School 2015-2016



Putting a spin on things, and turning our time for Summer Vacation into time for Back to School. 9th and 7th Graders are now in our home! Where does time go?!?

Well, one could say it's been a Monday! We got ready for work and school, and then went to start the vehicle, and the battery in my vehicle was bad, so my vehicle wouldn't start. We're thankful for good friends we can count on though. One of my best friends came to our rescue and got the kids to school on time and me to work. My husband also came to my rescue and replaced the battery, so all is well! It was definitely an adventure for the first day of the school year and the first day of the work week, but it's a new week and we're blessed! Happy 1st Day of the School Year to our kids. I pray it's a great year with many opportunities for you to create all kinds of memories.

More Back to School Photos are in the Members Area.

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