Pigeon Forge and Anchor Down RV Resort Vacation 2015


So...we packed up for and went on a camping trip to Pigeon Forge and Anchor Down RV Resort this week.

These are just a few of the reasons we love camping SO VERY MUCH!

From sitting outside and talking...


To breakfast on the grill...

They even had fireworks that we could see from our campsite!

And...this great waterslide was at the resort's pool!


Bree and I also went to Pigeon Forge and toured "The Titanic" Museum," while Justin and Troy rode Go Karts.

For a little while during our tour, Bree and I were different people. We boarded "The Titanic" as Augusta Lindblom (Bree) and Amelia Lemore (me). Okay, we weren't really different people, we just represented them at this great museum. Bree's person did not survive the wreckage, my person did...yes, we found out during our tour what happened to the people whom we held the "Boarding Passes" for. Upon seeing the wall with the survivors listed, I discovered the person who I represented was an Optometrist, who married a black dude who ended up leaving her husbandless. We loved walking the "Grand Staircase." The Captain told some incredible stories (so incredible, I bought his book), and Bree and I will remember this birthday of mine (yes, we did this on my birthday) for the rest of our lives. Oh! And...I was secretly happy that upon viewing our "Boarding Passes," I found that each of the people we represented were older than I am now. Maybe...just maybe turning 29 (again) isn't so old after all! I'm not really that old now that I think about it! From the "Boarding Passes," to the maid greeting us at the bottom of the "Grand Staircase," and seeing Bree smile from ear to ear as the maid said to her as she walked in, "Welcome, Madam," from Bree's conversation with the maid who told her how expensive the linoleum floor at the entrance of the staircase was back in the time the ship was built (now, it's not so expensive), and even to the necklace Bree got...memories were made. Justin and I have taken this tour of "The Titanic" before, but Bree hadn't. I'm happy me and her got to do this. Seeing her eyes light up with the appreciation she had of the history there...it was awesome! Happy Birthday to Me...yes, Happy Birthday to Me! :)


Then...today, we hooked the camper back up, and we came home. We have a lot of memories that we've brought home with us! :) 

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