Father's Day 2015


For Father's Day he chose to eat out yesterday evening and then get ice cream with me and the kids after that. Today, he chose grilling out, and we might do Smores later. This photo was taken right before we went to Church this morning. He is not just this way on Father's Day though, he's this way everyday. He's always active in our family's life, and he helps me to make sure we find ourselves sitting in a Church seat with our children on Sunday mornings. He calls upon our kids to say grace at the dinner table, and he answers their questions about the Lord. For this and many other reasons I am thankful, and I realize I'm incredibly blessed to share life as well as children with my husband. Happy Father's Day, Justin! I love you more than you'll ever know!

Oh, and yeah, this weekend we're keeping some of our best friends' dog, Neyla. Today is Father's Day. It's been celebrated the way Father's Day should. We've went to church and worshipped our Heavenly Father, I've recalled memories of my Dad, and we've celebrated my husband on this day. We've grilled out and had lots of family time. As you can see in this picture, Neyla demonstrates what this Sunday has been about. Relaxing and lighting the grill for some steaks...Happy Father's Day!


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