Today=Saturday, a day of sleeping in then having breakfast the way we do dinner at our house (unhurried and at the kitchen table). Biscuits and gravy alongside bacon made for a great breakfast. Coffee in my cup has made me smile. It's been a great day!

As the day continued my heart has been filled with happy times spent with great people. Playing with Nerf guns outside with Troy (even if he won) was awesome!

Spending the day outside with Justin and our kids has been great! We even bathed the dog.

I also looked around me at the many signs of being in the middle of Spring. It's awesome...God is such an amazing artist!

Later in the evening we gathered to celebrate a friend's (Hunter's) birthday, and we got to see friends who are awesome as well.

Now, in these evening hours, I am settling down for the evening with a new book.

It's been a great day! :)

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