To the Little Boy Who Still Catches Frogs!


My dear Troy, your appreciation for the simple things in life...the things that don't cost you anything to enjoy...this is one of my favorite qualities about you.  I love the fact that you appreciate life, and the beauty that the Lord places in life and in nature.

You used to turn and wave at me every single morning as I dropped you off for school.  While you still sometimes do that, I am noticing that as you are getting older the times you turn and offer a wave to your Mom is getting to be more and more rare.  Instead of waving to me, you are walking off talking with your sister and going to gather with your class and friends.  I's a part of's a part of growing up.

I really appreciate the part of you that is still little, the part that still enjoys frogs, and running and playing outside though.

This evening, as we were at home, you hurried to the door to tell your sister to come outside and see what you had.  Yet, again, it was another frog.  You catch frogs almost every single year, and each year you're always as entertained by them as you were the year before.

This is what I appreciate about your character.  It is absolutely wonderful that you love the simple, yet not so simple things that God has placed on this Earth.  Simple by them not costing you anything to enjoy, but not so simple because natural God is the only artist for that, so it isn't simple after all.  Anyhow, I am so happy you take the time to appreciate these things!

Far too soon you'll be grown.  You'll not have the little boy eagerness to catch frogs (unless you're doing it with your own children or something), but right now you do have that little boy eagerness, and I am grasping at each and every moment I can to keep it as a memory.

This is one of the reasons why I appreciate photos.  The non-posed moments, the ones where you play with your dog, the moments where you catch frogs, the moments where you are your little boy self.  I realize you are growing up rather fast.  I find myself sometimes wondering where time has went, but then I have moments like this...your frog catching moments...and yet again you remind me to appreciate the little boy that you still are.  

I'm enjoying every single moment of it!

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