Memorial Day


Every year, on Memorial Day, we place flowers on our loved ones' graves. This year, we had to add a bundle to that list. We had to add a bundle of flowers for Mom. While this year we got Mom purple flowers,and Dad has blue ones, these are flowers that were placed on my Grandparents and my Uncle Tony's grave. 

Justin, the kids, and I went by each family member's grave, my parents, my Uncle Tony's, and each of my Grandparents' graves, and we placed flowers, and we remembered and spoke of the their time upon this Earth. Breann mentioned how it was so interesting that my Papaw Taylor, her Great Grandfather, was in World War II, and my Uncle Tony (her Great Uncle) was in the Vietnam War. Although she never got the privilege of knowing them, she told us how she'd love to know more about them. So we told her more of her Great Grandparents and the kids even got to visit the graves of their Great Great Grandparents today. One of the Great Great Grandmothers was born in 1890, and us and the kids visited her grave today. I keep thinking of the reason we celebrate Memorial Day though. I thought of that when we visited my Papaw Taylor's and my Uncle Tony's graves. Their tombstone has the war they served in engraved below their names. They didn't die in the war, but they did serve in the war, and I'm thankful for those who protect us. Today, I thought of them and the many other relatives (even those who haven't served in the military) who have gone on to rest. May they each rest in peace, and I hope to see each of them one day sitting right next to Jesus.

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