April Showers...

It's a new day, a new morning, and as I sit here listening to April showers outside, I'm studying the Bible Reading Plan that I am doing. Today's study talks of how we are supposed to make the Lord first in our lives. We're supposed to remove whatever is our first priority (if it's not God already), and place God there.  Our real eternal treasure is in Heaven, after all!

Priorities are sometimes hard to line up the way we should. I try my best to stay focused though. Something that my kids learned in Children's Church a few years or so ago helps us to keep our priorities in check. Go by JOY to set your priorities. Jesus first, others second, yourself last. All three of these are important, we just need to remember how to show that they are important. Actions speak louder than words! Actions have no voice, but do they ever speak...the way we live our life, it's our voice, it's what we tell others about us, about our character, about who we are.

As it rains, I study Mark Chapter 10 Verses 17-25. It talks about the rich man who asks Jesus how he could inherit eternal life. A good read, and a good lesson, indeed!  We're reminded in this reading how we can enter God's kingdom.

Life is filled with priorities and choices. Keeping our eyes on Jesus with everything that we do is so very, very important.

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