Valentine's Day 2015


While I sit here and think of the great things I received today from my family, I also think of how these people, these very special people in my life are my best gift of all!

This year, Justin bought me a new camera for Valentine's Day, which I love!

Troy gave me cookies.

And...Breann even gave me a "Mother/Daughter" charm (which she's had for about a month, and she got it on her own...Justin and I never even knew she was getting this for me).


My husband and I even went to dinner today at LongHorn Steakhouse. While the food was great, the gifts were awesome, and the time spent with those I love was even better, I realize, yet again, what I value most of all.  Out of all of the gifts I could receive, the Lord, the people I call family, and our friends are the greatest gifts of all.  I love my family so much!

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