Our Snow Day and Snow Night


Today has been a great day. We've had a Snow Day... 

and a Snow Night...


We've tossed snowballs. The kids and Justin have made the most of the kids' new sleds.


I've tossed a few snowballs, taken pictures, and made hot chocolate and cheesecake. We even built a fire outside and there was sleigh riding after dark.


At the end of the day, the kids aren't talking about their favorite program on TV. Instead they're saying thanks for the things that happened today...the memories made and the time we've shared together. They've thanked us for the sleds, hot chocolate, snowball fights...the memories they'll have for many, many years!

Justin was right when he said today that the kids aren't going to remember how much money we have or a lot of what we buy them. What they are going to remember is the times like these that we've shared together!

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