A February Snow!


Today it has been snowing most of the day. As I type this, it is still snowing. From what I'm understanding it is supposed to snow throughout the night. So we've made the most of it!

As I checked my phone for weather alerts and school schedule changes, and found that school was closed today, we've sure had fun! By the way, isn't it something how times have changed, I remember when I was a kid, we used to listen to the radio for this same information, now a lot of us have this information on our cellphones.

It's been a day for photography, and books, and laundry, and most importantly, family time!

The kids have played in the snow and had hot chocolate:


Bo has enjoyed his time indoors, all nice and warm!


I've been checking the weather and reading the temperature on my phone...


I've taken some beautiful photos of trees in the snow.



And...icicle(s) with falling snow...


With this much snow, my boots were nearly covered when we came inside!


There have been beautiful photos to take. Memories made. And, did I mention there has been coffee for me, and the kids had hot chocolate?!? :)
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