About Jessica

Hey! I'm Jessica, and I'm happy you're here. Upon reading my blog you'll find that I have many happy times that I share with my family and friends, I've also had some sad times, I love the Lord and my family means so very much to me. Photography is a big hobby of mine. Coffee in my cup makes me happy.  Finding myself in Church on Sundays makes me feel that my week goes better, and I try to live a life that's pleasing to the Lord, although I've failed many times.

To date my biggest heartache has been losing my parents, and while their death has affected and changed me tremendously, I trust that one day I will see them again in Heaven.

I'm a big reader, I love to read. With my family by my side, a cup of coffee in hand, and my camera or a good book, I am a happy girl!

Other things that are somewhat interesting about my life...

I absolutely can not stand snakes.

I can design websites, and enjoy it...I can kinda' be a geek at times!

I have an Associates Degree in the Arts and Sciences of Education.

I love looking at things from a photographer's perspective, it makes me see things a little more...it makes me realize even more than I already do all of the beauty that God has placed in our lives.

I don't like olives.

The first time I went deer hunting with my husband I got sick, but I plan to go with him again.

About Jessica

Daughter of the King. Wife to my handsome guy. Mom of 2. Farmer. Photographer. Lover of life, books, coffee, blogging, and web design.